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The manufacturing of tequila is very regulated in Mexico. It might probably solely be produced in state of Jalisco and in some near-by areas in surrounding states. It’s a product of the Blue Agave, a succulent that’s associated to the lily household.

Most tequila is 80 proofs, however some do fall between 70 and 110 proof. Tequila is an offspring of an indigenous fermented beverage referred to as pulque. Pulque is a brief lived, considerably slimy beverage produced by fermenting the juice of the agave. It has a mean shelf lifetime of three days.

The Spanish conquistadors didn’t look after pulque, so that they started to search for various alcoholic drinks. Within the 16th century, Spaniards started to distill the agave juice and by the 17th century, common manufacturing of the beverage started within the city of Tequila.

The middle of the plant is known as a piña, as a result of it resembles a pineapple, is lower from the mature plant. Crops attain maturity between eight and 14 years. To launch the juice aguamiel or honey water, they’re roasted for a number of hours. This juice is used to supply the tequila.

The primary distillation produces tequila ordinario. The ordinario is distilled as soon as extra to supply a finer high quality product. A number of kinds of tequila are produced.

Silver tequila or tequila blanco could also be aged lower than two months, or under no circumstances. Joven is tequila oro (gold.) It’s a mix of aged and silver tequila.

Reposado tequila is aged greater than two months, and fewer than a yr. It’s normally aged in oak barrels. Añejo tequila is aged between one to 3 years, additionally in oak barrels. Additional Añejo is a really current product, which is aged past three years.

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